Next AARC General Meeting: March 10th, 2023 @ 7:00pm

Bill Yates, KE0UZT, of radio station WWV will give us his live tour presentation of the station at our March 10, 7pm meeting.

Please note that there is an article in the March 2023 QST magazine about WWV

Michael Lombardi’s, KØWWX, article, “Measuring the Frequency Accuracy and Stability of WWV and WWVH,” in the March issue of QST…

You’ll find out why standard frequency broadcasts of stations WWV and WWVH continue to be just as vital as they were since their conception

Our guest presenter, Bill Yates, is in the mountain time zone and to respect the later time in the evening for him, Please arrive early enough to be seated and ready at 7 PM.

We will again meet at the home of Eric Nichols KL7AJ at 138 Shenandoah Drive, on Birch Hill


There are still some estate items available for purchase on our Square Store

Albert Noe, KL7NO – Estate Sale

Not everything sold at the 2021 AARC Hamfest, so we’re listing the last few items.

Please visit AARC’s Square store to view/purchase items: KL7NO Estate Sale

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