Radio Communications Workshop!

On Saturday, March 23, AARC will hold a community radio communications workshop at the Two Rivers Elementary School (NOT the Community Center) from 1000-1600. Approximately 30 attendees are anticipated. We have some volunteers for assisting on site. However, we encourage you to stand by at your station as we do an on-air demonstration approximately 1300-1330 attempting voice and digital contacts. Frequencies and modes will be announced.

Also, if you feel like a drive in the country, plan to stop by around 1500 to introduce yourselves to the students. There will be some time for meet and greet. This is an all-ages course, so you youthful hams are strongly encouraged to put a more relatable face to the hobby! 🙂

The school address is 400 Two Rivers Rd. near the transfer station and Chandalar Ranch.


We are looking for a location to rent to set up a clubhouse for the Arctic Amateur Radio Club and our KL7KC station.

Having a place to set up a club station to provide the opportunity to host operating events is important to encouraging the amateur radio community and to grow our club.

We can also have our regular meetings and hopefully teach classes, hold workshops, and even the annual hamfest.

There are some important criteria in selecting a clubhouse location.

We must:

Have access 24/7/365, not just when a host facility (such as a school building) is open.

Be able to put up antennas.

Have room for large wire antennas such as HF loops, rhombics, dipoles.

Be able to purchase high speed broadband Internet service.

Have at least one restroom.

The location:

Should not be near sources of RF noise such as very large power lines.

Should have adequate parking.

Should be centrally located.

It would be nice if:

There was a garage to park a club trailer if we get one.  Or pull in members vehicles to do mobile radio install work.

There were already kitchenette facilities for a refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, washing up.

I suspect that if we could get a spot in a multi-unit building we might be able to get heat and power included.  But this is not a requirement.

Please keep your eyes open; ask your friends, family, and co-workers.

Let the group know what you find.


There are still some estate items available for purchase on our Square Store

Albert Noe, KL7NO – Estate Sale

Not everything sold at the 2021 AARC Hamfest, so we’re listing the last few items.

Please visit AARC’s Square store to view/purchase items: KL7NO Estate Sale

Items can be scheduled for pickup by contacting: