The Interior Is Radio Active!

Does it seem like there’s not much radio activity these days? NOPE!

You may just be on the wrong band…

Here is a no frills list of the frequencies actively used in the Interior


146.880, KL7KC    Repeater,  -  Split, 103.5 PL (Ester Dome) 
147.120, KL7KC    Repeater,  + Split, 103.5 PL (Eielson AFB) (Down for maintenance)
146.940, KL7KC,   Repeater,  -  Split, 103.5 PL (UAF)

147.300, KL7EDK, Repeater,  + split, 103.5 PL (Farmers Loop)
147.375, KL7CDA Repeater,   + Split, 073 DCS, Or C4FM Yaesu System Fusion
147.180, KL1AC    Repeater,  + Split, 123.0 PL, Or C4FM Yaesu System Fusion

146.520, Simplex, Calling frequency, Many locals actively monitor this frequency
144.390, Simplex, APRS North America: Track position, send messages, plus more!

52.525,   Simplex, FM, Calling frequency, Local VHF rag-chew, typically after 7pm

Stay tuned!  The list will grow